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If you're looking for someone to photograph your wedding in a relaxed, unobtrusive fashion, and who will capture real moments & create portraits you will cherish forever... I'm your guy!

​My name is John Davydov and I am a wedding photographer based in New York City that is available to travel worldwide. I have won the "Brides Choice Awards 5 years in a row from WeddingWire.com. My laid-back personality puts the couples in the driver’s seat when it comes to their wedding day. If you want to have fun on your wedding day than you have come to the right place.  Scroll down see for yourself on what my team and I can do for you!


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" My husband and I searched for months before deciding on a wedding photographer. Photography in Style was referred to us by a friend, and we booked them before our first meeting was over. I could tell right away that they were a cutting-edge company with innovative ideas. Our engagement photos were out of this world, and John spent hours making sure we had all the right shots. We recently picked up the proofs from our wedding day, and I can't stop looking at them. They did a fabulous job! Out of all of my wedding vendors, Photography in Style was by far the best; we don't have a single complaint. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer/videopgrapher, there's no need to look any further. Photography in Style gets a an A+ across the board. "

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    “The photo just doesn’t do it justice.”

    Most people have heard this phrase at some point. Smartphones and other mobile photography equipment make it easier than ever to take photos any time and anywhere, but often at the expense of quality. While sometimes it makes sense to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience — like when your friend Jim got stuck in his toddler’s stroller — other times it is important to have the proper photographic equipment and expertise to take a quality photograph.

    A wedding is one of those times when it is worthwhile to arrange for proper photography. No one wants to sit down with their grandchild and show them blurry smartphone photographs of their wedding day!

    Wedding photographs are priceless mementos. Wedding photographs capture the bliss of wedding in a visual form and preserve some of the magic of the wedding. Not only do wedding photographs provide married couples with a way to revisit their special day, but they also allow married couples to share the magic of their wedding with other people who may not have even been at the wedding!

    Selecting a good wedding photographer is an incredibly important part of the wedding planning process. While other wedding decisions — the location of the reception, the date of the marriage, or the style of wedding dress — often loom larger in the minds of engaged couples in the days, weeks and months leading up to their weddings, no other decision has further-reaching implications than the decision to hire a professional and high quality wedding photographer.

    Fortunately, there are a large number of QUEENS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS. These photographers are trained to accomplish the incredibly important task of capturing the most beautiful and special moments of a wedding on camera. These Queens wedding photographers have the expertise and the experience behind the lens to bring your wedding to life in a photograph.

    Knowledge of the layout, lighting options, and camera accessibility of local Queens wedding venues is crucial to the production of high quality wedding photographs in Queens. Queens wedding photographers are familiar with many of the local wedding venues and are the most qualified photographers to document local weddings. These QUEENS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS can use their knowledge of local venues to get the best possible shots, find the most flattering angles, and deliver the highest quality wedding photographs available.

    Wedding photography is not an easy job, and Queens wedding photographers have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do QUEENS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS have to be familiar with local venues, but they also should be professionally trained in wedding and portrait photography and should have the both the latest and highest quality photography and lighting equipment and also the expertise to use it to its fullest potential. Queens wedding photographers have both the technical expertise to take the highest quality wedding photographs possible and the people skills to coordinate the wedding photography in an easygoing and relaxed manner.

    Choosing to work with a Queens wedding photographer ensures that the couple to be married will have the most personalized wedding photographs available. Hiring Queens wedding photographers can make the difference between having good wedding photographs and having amazing wedding photographs.

    When you are choosing wedding photographers, it is important to bear in mind that wedding photographs will last for decades and span generations! Wedding photographs transport viewers into the experience of wedding and serves as a kind of time travel. Ensure that your wedding photographs will be just as beautiful as your wedding by choosing an experienced Queens wedding photographer! QUEENS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS can ensure that the wedding photographs from your Queens wedding will be as beautiful as your wedding!

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